Police Operations / Traffic Control

The patrol division is the backbone of our department. The patrol division is tasked with traffic patrol, answering calls for service, school functions, investigating crimes, etc.

Currently there are 3 patrol Sergeants and 9 patrol officers assigned to this division, a majority of our department.

We respond to many calls for service each year and our proud of the fact that we respond typically within 3 minutes on average. The officers make a majority of the arrest in the department. Typical of a small agency each officer investigates most of his cases to a conclusion, but can request the investigator to assist if needed.

Traffic patrol is handled by each patrol officer as time permits. Each traffic unit is typically outfitted with a radar and is used to monitor traffic speeds/flows on the streets of Salida. The department also has a speed trailer that we use in various locations to monitor traffic speeds and also to let the motoring public know what their speeds are.

If you have any concerns in your neighborhood or questions for our patrol division, please contact us at 719-539-2596.