Salida Police Department 2013

The Salida Police Department is responsible for the peace and safety of our residents and businesses. The powers given to us allow us to enforce and uphold municipal, state and federal laws. We have the power to make an arrest for any crime done in the violation of the laws of the city or the laws of the state. Our day to day operations involve patrol functions, traffic control, investigations, Municipal Court security and answering calls for service. We provide Code Enforcement which includes animals, parking, code violations and enforcement of Property Maintenance violations.

The Salida Police Department is accredited via the Professional Standards Compliance Award, which recognizes outstanding police and sheriff departments throughout Colorado based on 186 established professional standards. The accreditation program is sanctioned by the Colorado Association of Chiefs of Police (CACP) and the County Sheriffs of Colorado, which represent all local and county law enforcement in Colorado. There are 232 law enforcement agencies in Colorado and only 46 of these agencies are accredited.


We contract with Chaffee County for records keeping. Chaffee County maintains all of Salida police reports and documentation. The records division has three full time employees and operates from room 215 in the Courthouse, 132 Crestone Ave. The business office is open Monday to Friday from 8 A.M to 5 P.M. If you need copies of police reports you can contact the records department for assistance. The phone number is 719-539-2814. See a full list of services and fee rates.


The Salida Police Department currently employs one full time investigator. This position is supervised by the Lieutenant. The investigator generally works cases that are passed on to him from the Patrol Division. Patrol officers are expected to work their own cases to completion; however, if this is not possible, the case may be given to the investigator. The investigator also works closely with the District Attorney’s Office, Coroners Office, the Department of Social Services, Colorado Bureau of Investigation, the Chaffee County Drug Task Force and the Chaffee County Sheriffs Office. The investigator along with Lieutenant are solely responsible for evidence entry and disposition within the department.

CMTF Regional Response Team

The Salida Police Department is involved with the Central Mountain Response Team. CMTF has created a regional response team comprised of law enforcement officers, SWAT officers, Tactical Emergency Medicine (TEMS) medics, and HAZ-MAT Technicians along with a wide variety of other first responders from our seven-county region. In addition to the cross section of backgrounds and experience, each team member is cross-trained in a variety of fields that exceed a standard SWAT team. As a result of this each team is equipped and trained and is capable of responding to a wide variety of disasters, both man-made or natural.

The CMTF Regional Response Team has developed specialized training programs for rural environments and operations. As a result the regional response team has the training and resources necessary to be completely self -contained for a seven day deployment needed for rural operations. This team is comprised of highly skilled and motivated professionals from our area agencies.

CMTF has also sought and obtained the assistance of medical professionals to create a regional TEMS unit that will be deployed not only with the regional SWAT teams, but as a functional part of the response team in the event of emergency medical needs for both team members and that of innocent victims.