Municipal Court

Court Calendar and Contact Information

Salida Municipal Court is held in the Touber Building on the third Friday of every month at 448 East First Street, Suite 190.  Arraignments commence at 9 a.m. with pretrial conferences being held during the morning break.  Show Cause hearings and Trials are both scheduled for the afternoon and commence at 1:30 p.m.

If a person is unable to appear as scheduled they are encouraged to contact the court clerk prior to their court date.  Failure to appear as scheduled can result in a bench warrant, points being assessed against the person’s driver’s license and/or a cancellation being placed on the driving record.

Questions, comments, or concerns should be directed to Deputy City Clerk Christian Samora who is located in Suite 112 of the Touber Building, by email at, or by phone at 719-530-2630.  Any information for Municipal Judge Larry Allen or City Attorney Rex Kindall can be submitted to the court clerk who will forward it to the appropriate party.

Making Payments

To pay tickets online click here. However, please note that not all tickets can be paid online.

All tickets are written as either penalty assessments or summonses.  If issued a summons, a court appearance is mandatory as indicated on the face of the ticket.  If the ticket is a penalty assessment it can be taken care of prior to court by submitting full payment online or through City Hall at 448 East First Street Suite 112 within 20 days of the ticket’s date.  Accepted forms of payment include cash, cashier’s check, credit cards and money orders.  If payment is submitted by mail, it needs to include the person’s name and ticket number so that it can be properly applied.

It is also important to note that traffic tickets may have points associated with them and if paid within 20 days are eligible for a points reduction.  Traffic infractions paid on or after the given court date are not eligible for a point reduction unless approved by the presiding judge.  Points are then sent to the Department of Motor Vehicles who will document said points against that person’s driving record.

Payment Plans

Persons interested in setting up a payment plan must appear before the judge on their arraignment date or contact the court prior to their court date to make arrangements. All payment plans are contingent upon the judge’s approval and once approved are managed by the court clerk.

Parking Tickets

Those persons who receive a parking ticket are given a 14 day period to remit full payment. If not paid within 14 days additional costs including late fees and court costs may be assessed. Full payment can be remitted online or at City Hall (Monday through Friday between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm) on or before the due date as specified above. To contest a parking ticket please contact the court to schedule a court appearance.