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2015 Community Survey 

In 2009 & 2012, and again in recent weeks, the City of Salida circulated a community survey to determine over all impressions of how the City is doing in delivering services. In addition, the survey asked basic demographic questions and for input on trending issues in the community—e.g. workforce housing and vacation rentals.

The goal of the community survey is to help citizens express their opinion on a variety of issues such as quality of life, recreation, public safety in addition to public policy and capital expenditures. This information will help determine citizen priorities and guide policy for City Council in supporting services and improvements.

The survey was designed to determine public opinion using straightforward questions with simple “check-the-box” answers. On many questions space was also available for additional written comment.

The survey is designed to be inclusive of all residents of the City and, by design, not intended to be a scientific sample. The information provided, while not randomized, does present the general pulse of the City. Hundreds of communities across the Nation use similar surveys. The survey was sent to all registered voter households within the City in addition to being available on Survey Monkey for online respondents. Collection boxes were placed at the library and coffee shops around town for people to return their surveys.

In the coming weeks Staff will be posting three versions of the survey results. The first is the simple two page synopsis presented here tonight. The second will include some analysis of results of the 603 responses and comparison with results from the previous surveys in 2009 and 2012. The third version will include all written comments.

Thank you for participating in the 2015 Community Survey! Look for a more detailed analysis and consideration by Council at the May 18th City Council work session.

Survey results summary

Complete survey results with comments

Land Use Code

Below are links to the Re-enacted Land Use Code. Printed copies of the code are also available for the Public’s review at the Library or City Hall.

Planning Commission memo

Land Use Code – Effective 6.7.14

Individual Articles below:

Article I General Provisions

Article II Administration and Enforcement

Article III Application and Review Procedures

Article IV Zoning

Article V Zoning Overlays

Article VI Subdivision

Article VII Planned Developments

Article VIII Design Standards

Article IX Annexation

Article X Sign Standards

Article XI Flood Control

Article XII Historic Preservation

2012 Community Survey Results

About the Department

The Community Development department provides a complete range of planning and building services to the community to help preserve, protect and enhance Salida’s unique small-town residential and commercial character. Our goal is to assist individuals as well as developers through both the planning and building process from concept to construction.

The Community Development department maintains the City’s land use code and zoning map, and provides support to the Planning Commission, the Salida Regional Planning Commission, the Board of Appeals, the Historic Preservation Commission, and the Board of Adjustments. We process a variety of current planning applications from building permits to major subdivisions and annexations.

FIBAr Hooligan Race 2009

2009 Hooligan Race participants poke fun at Salida. Photo credit: Kevin Hoffman

The Community Development department also facilitates long-range planning including creating and updating various plans such as the Comprehensive Plan, Highway Corridor Improvement Plan, Downtown Improvement Plan and Preservation Plan for the community. The City contracts with the Chaffee County Building Department to review and issue building permits within City limits.

The department strives to ensure quality growth and development that promotes the values and goals of the community.

Building Permits

Complete – Residential Building Permit Application

Complete-Commercial Building Permit Application
For more information on Building Permits please go to the Building & Construction page.

Zoning & Land Use

To find the zoning for a property or to find out more about what uses are allowed in different locations of the City please go to the Zoning & Land Use page.

Long Range Planning

Visit the Long Range Planning page to learn more about efforts, plans and reports that have been prepared on a variety of planning topics.