First Apple Pie Baking Contest a Tasty Success!

by Theresa Casey, Pool and Recreation Manager

Eight pie bakers entered the Apple Pie Contest held in Riverside Park on September 2nd. Six very eager judges sampled the pies and rated them based on appearance, crust & filling and overall flavor.

Chrissy and Mike Cainin baked a very visually appealing pie and apparently very tasty as they took top honors in the contest. Lila McClellan’s pie took a very close second place and Joe Judd placed third.

All pies were delicious and the crowd was allowed to taste them following the contest. Thank you to all participants: Chrissy and Mike Cainin, Lila McClellan, Joe Judd, Emily Anderson, Susan Cole, Kathryn Hardgrave, Chris Heinze and Laura, Nicole and Nova Perchess.

Thank you to our judges: Phanny Jones, Mason in the Morning, Chuck Deveny, Sean MacAndrews, Aaron Vasilakos and Clark Roberts.